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UK Nature > Bees

Andrena bicolor
Mining Bee

Andrena cineraria
Ashy Mining Bee

Andrena flavipes
Mining Bee

Andrena fulva
Tawny Mining Bee

Andrena nigroaenea
Mining Bee

Andrena scotica
Mining Bee

Anthidium manicatum
Wool-carder Bee

Anthophora plumipes
Hairy-footed Flower Bee

Apis mellifera
European Honey Bee

Bombus hortorum
Garden Bumble Bee

Bombus hypnorum
Tree Bumble Bee

Bombus lapidarius
Red-tailed Bumble Bee

Bombus lucorum
Bumble Bee

Bombus pascuorum
Common Carder Bee

Bombus pratorum
Early Bumblebee

Bombus rupestris
Cuckoo Bee

Bombus terrestris
Buff-tailed Bumble Bee

Bombus vestalis
Cuckoo Bee

Colletes similis
Plasterer Bee

Hylaeus sp.
Solitary Bee

Megachile willughbiella
Leafcutter Bee

Cuckoo Bee

Cuckoo Bee

Cuckoo Bee

Osmia bicornis
Red Mason Bee

Osmia caerulescens
Blue Mason Bee is a website dedicated to showing the immense diversity of UK nature and wildlife. Our vast range of habitats, from lowland arable to snow covered mountains, from storm-ravaged coastlines to peaceful inland freshwater lakes and rivers, from dry heaths to forests, all these habitats contribute to the abundant plethora of UK nature, both flora and fauna. We must also not forget the humble back garden with its grass lawns, flower beds filled with nectar rich flowers, shrubs and trees, all designed to attract huge numbers of insects such as bees, moths, butterflies and hoverflies; and finally the small ponds which provide safe havens for frogs, toads, newts and even slow worms and grass snakes. is the showcase for my personal passion, photographing uknature in all its glory. I sincerely hope you all enjoy the fruits of my labours.